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The main reason for the deterioration of central air-conditioning refrigeration oil

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2018/04/03 17:48

First, the main reason for the deterioration of frozen oil

1, mixed with water

As the air in the cooling system is infiltrated with air, the moisture in the air is mixed with the refrigerator oil and then mixed in. The main reason for deterioration of the central air-conditioner air conditioner oil in Wuhan is that the water content in the refrigerant is also high when the moisture content in the refrigerant is high. When water is mixed in the refrigerating machine oil, the viscosity decreases, causing corrosion to the metal. In the Freon refrigeration system, it also causes "ice plug" phenomenon;


2, oxidation

When the refrigerating machine oil is in use, when the exhaust temperature of the compressor is high, it may cause oxidative deterioration. Wuhan central air-conditioning, especially those with poor chemical stability, is more susceptible to deterioration. After a while, the refrigerating machine oil will form residues. , Lubrication of bearings, etc. deteriorates. Organic fillers, mechanical impurities, etc. mixed into the freezer oil will also accelerate its aging or oxidation;


3, refrigerating machine oil mixed

When several kinds of different brands of refrigerating machine oil are used in combination, the viscosity of the refrigerating machine oil will be reduced, and even the formation of the oil film will be damaged and the bearing will be damaged; Wuhan Central Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. contains antioxidant additives with different properties in the two refrigerating machine oils. When used together, chemical changes may occur and precipitates may form, which may affect the lubrication of the compressor. Therefore, care must be taken when using it.


4, there are impurities in the refrigerator oil.

Second, the selection of frozen oil

There are many types of refrigeration oil specifications. In order to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration compressor, the performance of the freezer oil must be understood and properly selected. The performance of Wuhan Central Air Conditioning Refrigeration Engine Oil can be determined by many indicators. The following is a brief description of its main quality indicators.


Viscosity, viscosity is one of the most important performance parameters of lubricating oil, which determines the bearing capacity of oil film in sliding bearings, frictional power consumption and sealing ability of sealing surface. Wuhan central air-conditioning viscosity is usually expressed in terms of kinematic viscosity, the statutory unit is m2/s, commonly used units are st and cst.